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NaturThermeTemplin prevention courses

The NaturThermeTemplin offers you an extensive range of prevention courses to help your body be healthy and full of energy. Become healthy and fit and stay that way as well! Improve your health, fitness, and your sense of well-being!

Our courses are preventative and are supported and subsidised by the health insurers. Our courses help you to help yourself. We are happy to assist you in getting started with healthy living and practicing this step by step. The aim is to permanently adopt a healthier way of living in your everyday life and work.

Every person who is insured by German public health insurance companies can participate in different prevention courses twice a year.

Plus points for your health

  • German public health insurers reimburse up to 80% of the costs or €75.
  • All courses and course instructors are recognised by German public health insurance companies.
  • You receive a bonus point for participation in the course from many of the health insurers.

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